Case Studies


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Case Studies

CyberQuest for BCR

Increased operational effectiveness for three major divisions within the bank: Networking, Database and UNIX Systems Administration. BCR needed the proper instruments for data collection, analysis and reporting across the
monitored infrastructure in order to improve the operational and security incident response time.

CyberQuest for Vienna Insurance Group, Poland

Vienna Insurance Group was looking for a solution that would unify the data from various systems and offer one single source of visibility, correlation, and reporting. They needed full transparency and visibility into security data and events, in order to prevent incidents and react in real-time based on documented and integrated data.

CyberQuest for Termoelectrica SA, Republic of Moldavia

Termoelectrica SA implemented CyberQuest (formerly known as Smart Investigator) for overview and real-time incident response in case of personal data breaches.

CyberQuest for Vodafone Romania

A unique sofware solution for analyzing enterprise data flows.

CyberQuest for CERT-RO

Ensuring the highest level of security investigation for the Romanian National Computer Security Incident Response Team (CERT-RO).

CyberQuest for OPCOM

Increased visibility and governance over security data and events

CyberQuest for certSIGN

Full visibility and protection with real-time overviews and automatic alerts

CyberQuest for the Romanian Agency for Digital Agenda (AADR)

Information services of public institutions run safely with a revolutionary big data security analytics platform

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