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Demos & Videos

As CyberQuest was formerly marketed as Smart Investigator, some of the videos refer to the latter. CyberQuest not only encapsulates all previous features but also got new automation and real-time capabilities.

Use Case: Investigating Suspicious Authentication Activities

Abnormal authentication attempts, off-hour authentication attempts etc., using data from Windows, UNIX and any other business application that requires authentication.

Use Case: System Change Activities

Using collected data for quickly identifying the changes in configurations, audit configuration changes, policy changes, policy violations and the like.

Use Case: Abnormal Administrative Behavior

Monitoring inactive accounts, accounts with unchanged passwords or abnormal account management activities by using the Active Directory user information that we collect.

Bringing Light into Chaos

What generates chaos in your cyber security universe? Nowadays, companies are fighting against a torrent of data from their own networks.

Light comes along with the adoption of new security technologies that can manage the information overload and unify all existing data sources across the organization.

Context-Sensitive Dashboards

Watch this video to see how the solution’s context-sensitive dashboards support your rapid decision-making process among infinite data logs.

Predefined Compliance Reports

The predefined reports ensure compliance based on internationally recognized standards and frameworks (ISO 27001, COBIT, FISMA, HIPPA, PCI / DSS, SOX to name a few) while increasing the efficiency of your security team.

Black Listed Users

Setting up a blacklist and custom alerts in less than 5 minutes with Smart Investigator. Watch the video to see how.

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