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Product Information

CyberQuest – Use Cases

Check out some of CQ’s use cases in areas like general network activity, attacks, database manipulation, compromised user detection, abnormal administrative behavior, intrusion detection, compliance, fraud, IT security and many more.

CyberQuest – Business Summary

Nowadays, companies are fighting against a torrent of data from their own networks. The increasing adoption of mobile, cloud and social requires the adoption of new security technology that can handle the information overload and the diversity of cyber threats.

CyberQuest – EU GDPR Compliance Brochure

What is the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and what was it designed for? What companies are subject to it and what are their key obligations starting May 2018? Here’s what you need to know about becoming compliant and using CyberQuest as a key tool for this.

CyberQuest – Technical Capabilities

Technology follows real-life business: by constantly challenging cross-platform and multi-technology metadata aggregation and correlation, we managed to understand the equation of information overload that our customers are facing and to solve it.

CyberQuest – One – page Summary

CyberQuest in a nutshell: the Big Data Analytics Platform that gathers valuable data from multiple technology sources and empowers users to take actionable, critical decisions in real-time.

CyberQuest – Datasheet

CyberQuest is a fast and efficient platform for IT security investigation, with advanced capabilities for monitoring and investigating IT incidents in a highly intuitive graphic environment, with run-time analytics and fast returning reports, essential for real-time decisions and actions.

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